Readers and Poem-off winners


January – Spencer Gordon and Dorian Bell
February – Anita Dolman, Connie Clayton, and Alastair Larwill
March – Sawdust at VERSEFEST presents Claire Kelly, J. Roger Léveillé, Jean Van Loon, and Louise Bernice Halfe – Sky Dancer.
April – Ayesha Chatterjee and Sarah Kabamba
May – Margo LaPierre and Manahil Bandukwala
June – Monty Reid and Allie Duff
July – Nina Jane Drystek, Barâa Arar, Nathanaël Larochette
August – Namitha, Apollo the Child, Fatima (Urban Legends!)


January – Michael Mirolla and Grant Savage
February – George Elliott Clarke and Doug Dumais
March – Steven Heighton and Louis Bertholom at Versefest Ottawa 2017
April – Faizal Deen and Conyer Clayton
May – Catherine Owen and Eric Caouette
June – Chris Jennings and Jean Van Loon
July – Ben Ladouceur and Dawn Steiner
August – Double Veteran Feature: Blue and Apollo The Child
September – Third Anniversary Show, featuring Just Jamaal The Poet and returning readers Connie Clayton, Mary Lee Bragg, Dawn Steiner, Grant Savage, Jean Van Loon, David Collins
October – Shane Rhodes and Sanita Fejzic
November – Mike Blouin and Avonlea Fotheringham
December – Robert Hogg and Frances Boyle!





January – Deanna Young, Rusty Priske
February – Sandra Ridley, Suzanna Derewicz
March – VERSEFEST – David McGimpsey, Marc Lemyre, Sebastian Berube, Natalie Hanna
April – Rhonda Douglas, A.M. Kozak
May – Dane Swan, Susan J. Atkinson
June – Amal El-Mohtar, Daniel Mark Patterson
July – JC Bouchard, Sarah McDonell
August – Frances Boyle, Jason Christie
September – Steven Ross Smith, Mia Morgan, Robin McLachlan, Rusty Priske, am kozak, Susan J. Atkinson, Sarah MacDonell, Jason Christie
October – Roland Prevost and Mary Lee Bragg
November – Gary Barwin and Ian Martin
December – Chris Johnson, Marilyn Irwin, and David Collins




January – Monty Reid, Liam Burke
February – Amanda Earl, Rod Pederson
March –  Brandon Wint, Fiona Mitchell
April – Matt Jones, David Blaikie
May – David O’Meara, Jeff Blackman, Phoenix Sandrock
June – Ian Burgham, Steven Heighton, Jean Van Loon
July – Christine McNair, Sneha Madhavan-Reese
August – rob mclennan, Natalie Hanna
September – Vivian Vavassis, Phoenix Sandrock, The Poem-Off All Stars
October – Reading postponed
November – Stephen Brockwell, Mia Morgan
December – Pearl Pirie, Robin McLachlen


September – Kevin Matthews, Vivian Vavassis
October – Rona Shaffran, Catina Noble
November – Phil Hall, Paddy Scott
December – Stephen Brockwell, Mike Caesar