The Sawdust Reading Series is an Ottawa-based series shining a light on both sung and unsung Ottawa poets. Sawdust is coordinated by:

Director: Jennifer Pederson
Assistant Director: Liam Burke

The Sawdust Reading Series events occur on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. We are located at Bar Robo, 692 Somerset Street West, in Ottawa, Ontario (Tel: 613-233-ROBO).

Events include an open mic, a curated feature, and a monthly contest winner. Street parking is available.

The Sawdust Reading Series seeks to create a space that fosters meaningful participation, discussion, inclusivity, and support for our guests and performers. Sawdust supports people self-locating on all places of the gender / genderqueer / non-binary / agender spectrum, of all queer (LGBTTIQQ2SPA) identities, and of all of our racialized communities. Sawdust stands against discrimination based on race, class, gender, sex, sexuality, age, physical ability, sex worker status, neurodiversity, size and other diverse identities.  Sawdust stands against violence against women. We recognize that our guests have varied experiences and perspectives and do not all have the same power and privilege as one another. Sawdust acknowledges that our events take place on traditional unceded Algonquin territory. Abuse will not be tolerated at Sawdust events.

Sawdust thanks and recognizes our venue Bar Robo for being a safe space and a participant in the Ask for Angela program.

We would like our guests to know that BR staff and management have been trained to help recognize, monitor, and intervene in potentially unsafe situations.

Additionally, should any patron need help and be afraid to ask for it outright, please approach a BR staff member and ask for “Angela.” This code will alert BR staff that you need help and they can help arrange what you need, including a safe space, a safe way home, or another intervention.

Please be aware that you can also approach a member of the Sawdust Reading Series for help at any time.

Unsafe situations may include, but are not limited to:

– Intoxicated persons who may be vulnerable / in compromised positions of safety
– Persons who may be being pressured to leave with other people they know / don’t know
– Persons being pressured for sex
– Persons who suddenly feel unwell
– Persons trying to exit persistent unwanted conversations.
– Seeing anyone potentially tampering with a drink / food item of another person / given to another person

Fear of “making a scene” and doubt about one’s perception of a situation can prevent a person from reaching out. If something just doesn’t feel right, please know that help is available and please don’t be afraid to seek BR or Sawdust team members out.

Safety is all of our responsibility.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to: sawdustseries@gmail.com

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