Readers and Poem-off winners


January – Spencer Gordon and Dorian Bell
February – Anita Dolman, Connie Clayton, and Alastair Larwill
March – Sawdust at VERSEFEST presents Claire Kelly, J. Roger Léveillé, Jean Van Loon, and Louise Bernice Halfe – Sky Dancer.
April – Ayesha Chatterjee and Sarah Kabamba
May – Margo LaPierre and Manahil Bandukwala
June – Monty Reid and Allie Duff
July – Nina Jane Drystek, Barâa Arar, Nathanaël Larochette
August – Namitha, Baraa Arar, Apollo the Child, and Fatima (Urban Legends!)
September – Sandra Ridley and the Poem-Off All-Stars, Manahil Bandukwala, Allie Duff, Sanita Fejzic, Avonlea Fotheringham, Alaister Larwill
October – Cameron Anstee, Lenea Grace, and Christine Sung
November – James K. Moran and Poem-Off Winner TBA! Special launch by James K. Moran of Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology (Mansfield Press), co-edited by the late Priscila Uppal and editor Meaghan Strimas, featuring Anita Dolman, Rusty Priske, rob mclennan, Ronnie R. Brown, Susan McMaster, Blaine Marchand, James Hawes, Barbara Myers, Cora Siré.


January – Michael Mirolla and Grant Savage
February – George Elliott Clarke and Doug Dumais
March – Steven Heighton and Louis Bertholom at Versefest Ottawa 2017
April – Faizal Deen and Conyer Clayton
May – Catherine Owen and Eric Caouette
June – Chris Jennings and Jean Van Loon
July – Ben Ladouceur and Dawn Steiner
August – Double Veteran Feature: Blue and Apollo The Child
September – Third Anniversary Show, featuring Just Jamaal The Poet and returning readers Connie Clayton, Mary Lee Bragg, Dawn Steiner, Grant Savage, Jean Van Loon, David Collins
October – Shane Rhodes and Sanita Fejzic
November – Mike Blouin and Avonlea Fotheringham
December – Robert Hogg and Frances Boyle!


January – Deanna Young, Rusty Priske
February – Sandra Ridley, Suzanna Derewicz
March – VERSEFEST – David McGimpsey, Marc Lemyre, Sebastian Berube, Natalie Hanna
April – Rhonda Douglas, A.M. Kozak
May – Dane Swan, Susan J. Atkinson
June – Amal El-Mohtar, Daniel Mark Patterson
July – JC Bouchard, Sarah McDonell
August – Frances Boyle, Jason Christie
September – Steven Ross Smith, Mia Morgan, Robin McLachlan, Rusty Priske, am kozak, Susan J. Atkinson, Sarah MacDonell, Jason Christie
October – Roland Prevost and Mary Lee Bragg
November – Gary Barwin and Ian Martin
December – Chris Johnson, Marilyn Irwin, and David Collins


January – Monty Reid, Liam Burke
February – Amanda Earl, Rod Pederson
March –  Brandon Wint, Fiona Mitchell
April – Matt Jones, David Blaikie
May – David O’Meara, Jeff Blackman, Phoenix Sandrock
June – Ian Burgham, Steven Heighton, Jean Van Loon
July – Christine McNair, Sneha Madhavan-Reese
August – rob mclennan, Natalie Hanna
September – Vivian Vavassis, Phoenix Sandrock, The Poem-Off All Stars
October – Reading postponed
November – Stephen Brockwell, Mia Morgan
December – Pearl Pirie, Robin McLachlen


September – Kevin Matthews, Vivian Vavassis
October – Rona Shaffran, Catina Noble
November – Phil Hall, Paddy Scott
December – Stephen Brockwell, Mike Caesar